Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Waiting To Call A Prospect

     What?  You are waiting to call a prospect.  For what are you waiting?  Now is the perfect time to call a prospect.  Somewhere in central Florida, there is a forsalebyowner that has just had their last unqualified turkey walk through their house.  He is hoping you will call today. 

     Today, twenty houses expired in the M.L.S. Half of those don't even know that they expired today.  Six months ago, they made a wrong decision.  They listed their house with the wrong Realtor at the wrong price.  They will probably list with you when you call them.  They would call you if they knew who you were.  They don't know who you are. 

     Maybe they would know who you are if you had a blog and a website.  If they had read your article;" Five Mistakes That Sellers Make When Choosing A Realtor", they would maybe call you.  Isn't the internet great?  You can publish material with no permission from an editor.  Just start a blog and make yourself a local expert.  Blogs generate leads . Leads turn into listings.  Listing turn into money.  Most Realtors don't blog.  Do you?  Why not?  Are you short on time?  If you quit doing unproductive stuff, you would have more time for productive stuff. 

     Study and learn what works.  Do what works and leave the rest undone.  Use technology to make yourself more efficient .

     If you are new in real estateand need to learn how to kickstart your career, attend Climer School of Real Estate's forty five hour post license class.  You have to take this class before you renew your Florida real estate license the first time.  Get details at  We will teach you how to prospect and how to make more money if that is what you want to learn.  Attend this class. Your fear and lack of skill calling prospects will be a faint memory. Call kathy at 407 822 3926 or .

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