Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hot new information about the Florida Do Not Call List

     Selling real estate in Florida gets more complicated all the time.  Florida's do not call list is going to grow rapidly soon.  After June 2012, it will be free to join the Florida Do Not Call list. 

     The list updates four times per year.  The July 1 update is expected to have a lot more names on it. The fine for calling someone on the Do Not Call list is ten thousand dollars. 

     When someone is on the Do Not Call list, their info will eventually be uploaded to the federal Do Not Call list.  The state of Florida seems to have a stronger record of prosecuting offenders than the federal government does. 

     For more information or to sign up for the Florida Do Not Call list, call the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs at 1 800 helpfla or To sign up for the federal list, .

   If you need a real estate class or 407 822 3926

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