Sunday, June 24, 2012

Seven Free Recruiting Tips For Real Estate Sales Managers

     Tip number one:  Be sure people know you are looking for new agents.  Put a sign in the front window if you are in a store front. As simple as this is, if people don't know you are looking for new agents, they may  not ask. 

     Tip number two:  Keep your  "ear to the ground".  When there is "trouble in paradise" at your competitor's office, call those agents and offer them a safe haven .  You are watching the six o'clock news and there is your competitor on TV with handcuffs on.  It is a good bet his agents are looking for a new home.  Call them.

     Tip number three:  Put a little message on the back of your business card "Have you considered a career in real estate?".  You can leave this card with waiters, clerks, furniture salesman, almost anyone you encounter.  I know for sure this works because I still do it at Climer School of Real Estate.

     Tip number four:  In almost all print ads in magazines etc. , you can put a little box that says "Now hiring agents".  You are already paying for the ad.  This costs nothing.

     Tip number five:  All real estate schools are in the recruiting business.  Ask a real estate school to link to your website.  At Climer school of Real Estate, we have a career opportunities section on our website.  It is amazing how few companies take advantage of this free service.  It is equally amazing how well this works for the ones that do use it.  Check out my sales manager interviews on You Tube, another free service.  You can contact Climer School at

      Tip number six:  I am trying to keep this to just free suggestions you can try to increase your recruiting efforts.The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation has a list of all new real estate license applicants.  It comes out every Friday.  You can get this list for free.  You can call these new licensees.  They will be taking their Florida real estate exam in a few days. Would it surprise you if I told you the largest office in Orlando does this religiously and the  second largest office in Orlando does it equally consistently?   They are afraid to call you or have never heard of you. Call them.  You can contact the DBPR at

     Tip number seven:  This is free.  After a short time, it will become effortless.  Start a blog.  Start a blog just like this blog.  What to blog about. Blog about the victories of your agents.  Write articles about Susie's first closing that happen last week. Tell your audience about how much Susie is learning and about how that old timer in the office helped her when she had that problem .  You will not have to look for stories and articles.  They happen every day in every real estate office I have ever been in.  This will not only help you recruit, it will help office morale.

     Recruiting is the future of your company.  Recruit well.  It is the responsibility of leadership to create the future.

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