Sunday, July 21, 2013

Can George Zimmerman Get A Florida Real Estate License ?

     George Zimmerman could get a Florida real estate license if he wanted to.  On the Florida real estate license application, there is a question asking if the applicant has ever been convicted, pleaded guilty, or pleaded nolo contendre to any sort of crime.  The question does not ask if you have been arrested.

     George Zimmerman was arrested for a crime.  He was tried in a court of law in Sanford Florida.  He was acquitted.  If he applied for a Florida real estate license in central Florida, he would not need to mention that murder trial in his application for a Florida real estate license.

     This is true for you also.  If you were arrested for a crime but not convicted, you do not need to mention that incident on your Florida real estate license application. 

     There are lots of things that can happen when a person is arrested.  They could be acquitted.  They could NOT be prosecuted.  Many times this happens.  If the state does not bring prosecution within 180 days, they can not.  Often, the prosecutor's office will agree that if you go to this educational course, they will not prosecute.  Other times they don't prosecute because there are no witnesses or they believe they can not win.
     No matter why, if you are not convicted or plea guilty or nolo contendre, you don't need to mention it on your Florida real estate license application. Before you answer yes, be sure you are guilty.

     Many people with criminal background get a Florida real estate license.  The type of crimes that will prevent someone from getting a Florida real estate license is fraud.  I have had students that were convicted of attempted murder, cocaine smuggling, assault and other nasty stuff.

     If you have criminal background and you want a Florida real estate license, apply to the Florida Real Estate Commission at .  Go ahead and apply.  Get approved.  Then call Climer School of Real Estate at 407 822 3926 or .

     It will cost you $105 to apply for your Florida real estate license.  If you are denied, you can get $80 of that money back IF YOU ASK FOR IT in writing.


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