Thursday, April 17, 2014

End Of Chapter Answer Key

     Linda Crawford's textbook, "Real Estate Principles and Practice and Law" is the book we use at Climer School of Real Estate to teach the basic real estate course for students that want to get their Florida real estate license.  This is, by far, the best textbook that is available to teach this class.

This is the back of  Linda Crawford's textbook
     There are twenty chapters in this book.  There are questions at the end of each chapter.  When I teach this class, I assign the questions at the end of the chapter as homework every night.  When we start class the next day, I go over homework from the previous day.  Since this is the way I do it, I assume this is the way that all real estate instructors do it.

     As our two day Florida real estate exam review has become more popular, I have discovered that many real estate instructors do not answer the questions at the end of the chapters in class.  That seems odd to me.

     Many students that show up for our two day state exam review did not take their basic class from Climer School of Real Estate.  As I chat with these students during the breaks, I have learned that many instructors have never answered these questions for their students.

     Many of these students ask me how they can get their answers.  Here is the answer.

     Close your 37th edition of the textbook.  Turn it face down on your desk.  On the back of the textbook there is a yellow box about three quarters down the page.  The heading in the box is,"Notes To Users Of This Book".  Inside that yellow box, there is a link to Dearborn Real Estate Education Publishing Company.  That link is where you need to go to get the answer key.  That link is   If you are reading that link from the back of your textbook, it might look like pp one.  It is not pp one .  It is ppl as in principle practice and law.  Once you get to Dearborn's website.  Read the directions carefully.  The user name is PPL37  That is capital P capital P capital L .  When you put in the name that the website tells you is the password It has to be EXACTLY the way it is in the book.  It begins with a capital letter.  The rest of the letters are lower case.

     Also in the back of Linda Crawford's textbook there is a one hundred question practice test.  Take this practice exam to find out if you are ready for the Florida real estate exam.  This same  answer key will give you the answers to that practice test.

     Also, take Climer school of Real Estate's 100 question practice test at  This will let you know for sure if you are ready for the Florida real estate exam.  If we can help you prepare for the Florida real estate exam, contact us at 407 822 3926    

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