Sunday, April 13, 2014

Studying For The Florida Real Estate Exam

     If you are studying for the Florida real estate exam, you would do well to listen to some advice from a few of my students that have already passed this difficult test.  At Climer School of Real Estate, we pass around a sheet and get everyone's email address.  I send out an email to everyone in class that put their name on the list.  We do this  in our basic real estate class and we do it in our two day state exam review.  Many students call this the "cram course".  I try to "cram" the information that is on the Florida real estate exam into their head in two days.

     We encourage the students to reply to this email and let us know that they passed the Florida real estate exam .  Also, we ask them to let us know if their is anything that everyone needs to know.  Sometimes we get a warning like 'Don't wear a watch to the exam'.  Sometimes we will get a reminder to  TAKE YOUR CERTIFICATE TO THE EXAM.  Sometimes we get a reminder that you can take a foreign language dictionary with you into the Florida real estate exam.

     Many students give their peers an unsolicited snapshot of how they studied.  One of the students told us recently that he read the entire textbook from cover to cove twice.

     Flashcards are a very popular study aid.  Most of the students make their own flashcards.  They take three by five cards  and write "What kind of mortgage has the payments go up every year?".  On the back, they write,"Growing Equity Mortgage".  They make about five hundred of these. 
You can use these all day everyday, all the time, day and night until the test is over. 

     Many times students will use this group email to suggest that several students get together to study.  Sometimes several students will gather at one house and watch Climer School's free real estate math videos.  All of the math that is on the Florida real estate exam is on the videos.  It is really foolish to go pay $31.50 to take the test without watching all twelve of them.  The Florida real estate exam is ten per cent math.  This is it.  Here is a link.  If you are soon taking the Florida real estate exam, watch all twelve of these videos.  Getting together with your classmates is not a bad way to study.

     Linda Crawford's "Exam Manual" is the book that we use to teach the two day state exam"cram course".  This book has four hundred practice questions in the back of the book.  The regular textbook has one hundred practice questions in the back plus the practice questions at the end of each chapter.  At our website , we have a practice one hundred question test that will let you know if you are ready for the Florida real estate exam.  Practice questions are a great way to study.  Practice questions help you get used to the "best" answer syndrome that is popular on the Florida real estate exam.  Practice questions are also a wonderful way to learn to  "Read The Question".  The  trickyness of the questions is part of the reason that the pass rate for the Florida real estate exam is fifty fifty for first time takers and even worse for repeat takers.  exam-pass-fail.html     Here is a link to the facts about that. 

     Studying together, flashcards, practice questions, are all good ways to study.  At Climer School of real estate, we teach a two day Florida real estate exam review.  Attending this will help anyone pass the state exam.  Many people can not attend this class due to work or geography.  We have this class recorded on audio CD.  We also have it on video DVD.  Contact Kathy at 407 822 3926 for details

     Contact the DBPR at to apply for a Florida real estate license.

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