Monday, October 7, 2013

It Matters What You Do

     If you only know one business principle, let it be this one.  It does not matter what you know.  It matters what you do.  There are lots of people that know a lot of stuff.  They don't do a lot of stuff. 

     It is what you do that turns into money.  I write these blogposts.  It creates business for Climer School of Real Estate.  I am not always sure how much business it creates.  I am sure it creates some.  There are lots of people that can write better than I can.  They are not doing it.  It is what you do that turns into business.  It is what you do that turns into money. 

     In real estate, making a listing presentation to a motivated seller is the start down the road to money.  Many people know how to make an excellent listing presentation.  They only make one presentation a month.  Here is someone else that isn't quite a smooth, that doesn't have all the verbal skills but they muddle through a listing presentation every day.  The sales associate that is doing twenty presentations per month is going to do more business than the one that only does one presentation a month.  I don't make the rules but that is what they are. It is what you DO that that matters. 

     Your intentions don't matter.  Your actions do.  If the good Samaritan had good intentions but did not take action, Jesus would not have told us his story.  Action is what we need.  Action is what we respect.  It is what you do that matters.

     If you intend to be on time but you show up late, you are late.  If you intend to prospect but you get busy with other things, you don't have any appointments.  If you intend to start that project  but something more urgent always seems to come up, your project does not get started.

     It only matters what you do.     

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