Monday, October 7, 2013

See More Prospects. Sell More Real Estate.

     It is a simple rule.  The more people you see, the more people you will sell.  How can we make that more simple?  We can't. 

     If a mediocre salesman sees five prospects per week and sells one unit per week, what would likely happen if that mediocre salesman saw ten prospects in a week?  I think that mediocre salesman would sell two units per week.  What if that same mediocre salesman saw fifteen prospects in a week?  Would they sell three units.  I reckon so.  This is with mediocre sales skills.  What if that mediocre saw twenty prospects per week?  I suppose they would sell four units per week. 

     Any salesman that is selling four units per week would not be called mediocre.  Four units per week is an extraordinary job. 

     In salesmanship, most people don't pay much attention to how many prospects you see.  Everyone seems to pay the most attention to how many prospects you sell.  Even if a salesman is a poor closer, if they see enough prospects, they can look like a hero. 

     What a great business selling real estate is.  If you want to make more money, you don't have to ask anyone.  Just start seeing more prospects. 

     You can call forsalebyowners.  You can call today's expired listings.  They are going to list with someone.  They are probably going to list today.  You can call foreclosure victims.  They are certainly going to be moving soon.  You can call heirs.  They don't need an empty house in Orlando.  You don't need anyone's permission to call.  Just start dialing. 

     You can have an "OpenHouse" every Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Prospects do walk into open houses.  How many prospects would you need to talk to in a week to talk to twice as many prospects as the top producer in the office?  How many prospects would you have to talk to to talk to twice as many as you talked to last week?  Could you double that number next week if you tried?  Would your results double?  I suppose so. 

     You have the power to control how many prospects you see every day.  Therefore you have the power to determine how much money you make.  What a great business.  Call a prospect.

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