Sunday, October 20, 2013

Safety Is Easy And Important

I was watching the local news on television this morning.  There was a video clip of a purse snatching at a convenience store.  The perpetrator was pumping gas.  The victim pulled up on the opposite side of the pump.  The victim left her purse on the front seat and the keys in the ignition and her eight year old son in the back seat.  She went inside the store.

The perpetrator finished pumping his gas and reached in the victim's car and grabbed her purse and keys.  This made the news because her eight year old son got out of the car and confronted the robber.  The robber got away with the purse and keys.  The eight year old boy could have been hurt. He wasn't.  He was in a very dangerous situation.

Why do people expose themselves and their loved ones to such danger?  It takes very little effort to remove your keys and lock your car doors.  If you make it a habit, you don't even have to think about it.  Safety needs to be a habit.

It takes very little effort to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.  It takes very little effort to wear a life preserver when fishing or riding in a boat. It takes very little effort to be safe.  Why do people expose themselves to danger?

How much effort does it take to spend ten bucks and put a canister of pepper spray in the glove box of the car?  If you saw the Range Rover versus motorcycle gang video on the news lately, wouldn't a pepper spray have helped that guy?  Yes it would.

Yet, most people don't spend any time or thought preparing for unexpected danger.  When I see people walking through a Wal Mart parking lot chit chatting on the phone with no awareness of their surroundings, I wonder if they watch the news.

Please prepare for danger.  Be aware of danger.  At least half the crimes are crimes of opportunity.  Don't be a victim.  

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