Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Friend , Rick, A Cornucopia of Knowledge About Antique Cars

      It is amazing how much knowledge some people can accumulate over a lifetime.  It is equally amazing that other people need that knowledge but have no idea how to find it or the people that have it.

     Rick has been re-creating antique cars for a long long time. He can take a pile of junk and turn it into a fabulous prize winning automobile.

     Here is a picture of his latest creation.  This is a 1926 Ford with a 350 Chevrolet engine, power windows and air conditioning.  That is cool.

     If you are a young man that is smart enough to know that knowledge is $$$$$$$, find a older expert that can teach you what he knows.  Learn while you are young.  As you grow older, you will have knowledge and maturity.

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