Saturday, December 14, 2013

Real Estate Homework Help

     The homework for chapter fourteen from the textbook is on You Tube.  There are three videos where I am wearing a green and white Hawaiian shirt.  If you need help with your homework, watch these videos.  The four videos where I am wearing the red shirt is me teaching chapter fourteen.

     No matter where you went to real estate school, watching these videos will help you pass the Florida real estate exam.  Your real estate school probably used Linda Crawford's "Principles and Practices of Real Estate" as  a textbook.  If you need help with the math, I am there on You Tube teaching the chapter
and doing the homework.  Watch these twelve real estate math videos.

     I assume everyone reading this knows that the pass rate for the Florida real estate exam is fifty per cent.  Read this if you want the details.  If you are taking the Florida  real estate exam soon, you need all the free help you can get.  We also have a practice exam on our website at  Check that out if you are soon taking the Florida real estate exam.