Saturday, November 30, 2013

How Can I Keep My Attitude Up ?

     when I don't even have my first listing yet?  Your attitude is affected by

     what you think
     what you do
     what you read
     who you associates with

     Can you control what you think?   Yes, you can.  You better control what you think.  Pay attention to what you think.  When negative thoughts creep into your head, stop.  Ask yourself, "Why am I thinking negative thoughts?".  Written affirmations are are a great way to control your thoughts.  Get some 3x5 cards and write down some affirmations.  Does this work?  It works like magic.   Negative thoughts do no good at all.  That is not open to discussion.   Pay attention to your thoughts.  Get rid of the bad.  Bring on the good.  It is simple.  It is not easy.  It works.  It works like magic. 

     If you have an attitude problem, cure it with action.  Dial the phone.  Call a prospect.  If you are new in real estate, call today's expired listings.  Call, at least, one of today's expired listings.  If you are afraid to call them, run the list off the computer and stare at the list.  Try to find their phone number.  Drive out to their house if you can not find their phone number.  Knock on their door.  What is the worst thing that could happen?  What is the best thing that could happen?  Action is the magic potion in real estate sales.  Quit shuffling papers and attending training seminars.  Call a prospect.  Dial the phone.  Talk to a prospect.  Look for a prospect.  Get a grip on the fact that nothing happens until you talk to a prospect.  Take action.  Your attitude will improve immediately.  It is magic.

     Your attitude is very much affected by what you read and listen to in the car.  Read a good book.  Listen to some training programs in the car.  If you have a less than perfect attitude, read some books by Napoleon Hill or Tom Hopkins or Og Mandino.  Who are these people?  Read their books and find out who they are.  Read, Read, Read.  Turn the TV off.  Turn the car radio off.  Read books.  Listen to good audio programs in the car.  Keep doing this until people start irritating you asking you how you stay so positive.  Tell them it is magic.

     Nothing will affect your attitude more than with whom you associate.  Get away from Negative Nelly in the office.  Get together with Positive Paul.  You know who I am talking about.  You know who I mean.  Associate with winners.  Get away from complainers and whiners.  If you hang around with complainers and whiners, you start to think it is OK to whine and complain.  You might even start to think it is cool.  Hang around with positive people.   Leave those whiners alone.  If you don't know any winners, start to look for them.  Hang out with people that make more money than you do.  You will start to make more money.  More magic                  

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