Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Strongest Force In The Universe

      Is habit really the strongest force in the universe?  Maybe.

      Habit determines your success in life more than anything else.  Bad habits will destroy your chance of success.  Good habits enhance your chance of success.

     A bad habit, like being late or smoking cigarettes, will hamper your chances of success.  That is hardly open to debate.  Good habits like smiling or daily running will enhance your likeliness of success.

     If this is true, why don't people pay more attention to the habits they form?  I believe the answer to that is they don't understand how important habits are.  Once you understand that habits control your life , you know you want to control your habits.

       Let's start with something simple and easy.  What if you formed a habit of smiling all the time?  Would that enhance your chances of success.  Would that affect your income?  I think so.  What if you formed a habit of saving ten per cent of your income?  Would that influence your future?

     I think either of these habits would show up on the radar of success.

     How do we form a habit?  It starts with an action.  You take an action.  Often, this action is difficult  and laborious.  For instance, you set your clock for five AM.  The clock goes off.  You get up.  You put on your running shoes and go run for twenty minutes.

     Would that be difficult?  Yes sir.  Would that be laborious? Yes,yes,yes.  The first time, it would be difficult and laborious.  Probably  the second day it would be be tough.  I will bet the third day you could think of ten reasons why you should not get up and go run.  By the thirtieth day, this would start to feel normal.  By the 365th day, you probably would feel strange if you did not go run.  You probably could not sleep past five AM if you tried.  You would feel strange if you didn't run for thirty minutes.

     Good habits, bad habits They both start the same way.  You take an action.  It starts to feel normal.  Then it starts to feel strange if you don't do what habit dictates that you must.

     Pay attention to your habits.  Form good habits and become a slave to habit.  

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