Sunday, November 24, 2013

Could You Email Me A List Of What I Should Be Studying For The Florida Real Estate Exam ?

Kathy received this email this morning asking her what should we be studying.

Have you done the Florida real estate exam practice test at ?

Have you done the four hundred practice questions in the back of Linda Crawford's "Exam Manual" ?  If not, call Kathy at 407 822 3926 and get a copy of this excellent study aid for the Florida real estate exam.  Study from this book.  It is the best study aid available for the Florida real estate .  Use the flash cards on the CD rom in the book.

Have you made your own flash cards on three by five cards?  Take a three by five card and write "exculpatory clause" on one side.  Write,'" What clause in a mortgage prevents the mortgagee from suing the mortgagor for a deficiency judgement?" on the other side.  Make at least four hundred of these.  When you have two minutes to study, go over a few of them.  Make at least four hundred of these.

Have you answered the questions at the end of the chapters in your textbook?  I am amazed how many students show up at my two day Florida real estate exam review that have not answered these questions.  At Climer School of Real Estate in my basic sixty three hour FREC course one,  we answer these questions for homework every night.  Apparently, many instructors don't find this to be important.  I do. If you have not answered these questions yet, do it now.  Have you answered the one hundred question practice test in the back of the basic textbook?  If not, now would be a good time.  If your real estate instructor did not give you the answers, call Kathy at 407 822 3926.

Have you watched all twelve of the real estate math videos that Climer School has posted on You Tube?  I was talking to a student from another real estate school yesterday.  She made a 71 on her Florida real estate exam when she took it for the third time.  She told me that she was "OK" with the real estate math.  She showed me her failure notice.  She got five out of ten on the math.  If she had got nine out of ten, she would not have been sitting in my two day review class on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. She would have been buying a frame for her Florida real estate license.   Watch the math videos.  Tell your classmates about them.   It is hard to pass the Florida real estate exam without getting most of the math right.

The pass rate on the Florida real estate exam  last month was 49% for first timer test takers and 32% for repeat test takers.

Have you read the "Candidate's Handbook"  It has a breakdown of the subjects that are covered on the exam.  If you don't have this valuable book, call Kathy.  She will send it to you free.

Study ceaselessly. 


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  2. I got the exam manual from Dearborn. Why was there no CDRom?

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