Friday, November 29, 2013

Orlando Florida Real Estate School Reviews

     Reviews seem to be "hot" these days.  We love to read what other people thought of a restaurant or dry cleaners or real estate school.  

     Reading reviews has to be a good way to determine if a business is good or bad.  I have discovered that people have to be "over the top" pleased with a business before they will take the trouble to leave a Google review.  I encourage my customers to leave us a Google review.  We have managed to accumulate 170 reviews.  Please Google us and read our reviews.  You should read the reviews of any business with which  that you are considering doing business. 

     In the real estate school business, you have to decide if the quality of the instructor is important to you.  If it is, read the reviews on Google to determine if the instructor is dull or knowledgeable.  This will help you make a good decision.  If quality of the material presented is important, reading Google reviews is a good way to figure this out also. 

     If you need to get a real estate license in central Florida, check out our website at   When you get to our website, right under my picture there is a link to our Google reviews. Check them out.  Also, you can check out the instructor on You Tube. We have posted twelve free real estate math videos to help anyone to pass the Florida real estate exam.

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