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3 Easy Ways to Make Money with your Florida Real Estate License with a Florida Real Estate License from The Climer School of Real Estate

3 Easy Ways to Make Money with your Florida Real Estate License

Earn a 6 Figure Income in Real Estate without really trying!

Now is a Great Time to get your Florida Real Estate License at The Climer School of Real Estate, the Best Real Estate School in Orlando.

One of the many reasons why The Climer School of Real Estate is so busy is that we are in one of the greatest Real Estate markets of all time. In central Florida alone, according to the Orlando Regional Realtors Association, average sales prices for single-family residences are over $300,000.

According to Florida Trend magazine, over 900 people a day are moving into Florida. Every single one of them needs a place to live. If you are ready to change your life, earn a stronger income, and have more control over your time, and you need to come to The Climer School of Real Estate and get your Florida Real Estate license now.

There are some common misconceptions about entering the Real Estate industry. If you want to, you can work hundred hours a day seven days a week. You can also get your broker’s license, open your own Real Estate brokerage, try to hire hundred agents, and drive yourself crazy. But neither of these scenarios are necessary to make money and be happy in Real Estate.

I thought I would share a few ways to make some good money with your Florida Real Estate license without giving up your life and driving yourself bonkers.

1. Refer Out Referrals

Any and every time that you meet someone who is thinking about buying or selling Real Estate, put yourself into a position where you can refer them to another agent in your office.

This involves a degree of salesmanship. If you need some salesmanship training, contact us for some Neuro-Linguistic Sublimatics training. The Climer School of Real Estate partners with Power Training Concepts LLC to provide NLS training to salespersons and sales teams everywhere. However even if your only working Real Estate as a referral agent, some basic NLS will certainly make your conversations with potential referrals more effective.

If we run a couple of average numbers, using an average sales price of $300,000 and a one side 3% split, this is a commission of $9000 per side. If the referring broker gets a 30% referral fee, this is equal to $2700. If the referring agent receives 80% of this referral fee, this is now equal to a referral commission of $2,160. This is not a bad paycheck for simply having a Real Estate license.

2. Rental Agent

More and more of my students becoming full-time rental agents. All a rental agent does is find tenant and get paid a fee. Rental agents do not perform property management services. In most areas the commission for performing rental agent services is equivalent to the first month’s rent.

Rents in the downtown Orlando area are around $1500 to for $5000 per month. If you can effectively market yourself to Renters, it only takes one tenant a week to maybe even only two a month to be earning a six-figure income.

As a rental agent, all you do is introduce the prospective tenant to the apartment or condominium manager or agent. And then you leave. Many of them preferred that the rental agent leave and let them take over. In this simple act may earn you quite a bit of money.

3. Be a Great Agent and Learn How To Ask for Referrals

Using NLS, salespeople can become much more effective at asking for referrals. Like everything else, there are more effective ways of asking for referrals and the less effective ways of asking for referrals.

Most salespeople don’t even know when the right time to ask for a referral is. NLS will teach you.

If you’re doing a good job, which you are already supposed to be doing, you should get at least one referral per customer. You should be getting more than one. However, let’s look at the numbers with one referral per customer.

A very good friend of mine, Bill Christen, who is a REALTOR™ at Bee Realty in Deland inVolusia County also a phenomenal Real Estate instructor at the Climer School of Real Estate, likes to tell people that he is “the Accidental Real Estate Agent“. He is such a good guy and a good agent that about a deal a month falls into his lap without even trying. (He has even written a book calledHow To Accidentally Sell Real Estate’ which you can get on

You can figure out a way to get a customer a month, that means month one customer will refer you another customer in month two and you will be creating your second generated customer of your own in month two.

This is now three customers in two months. Again, at an average sales price in the Orlando area of $300,000 with a 3% of one side commission equaling $9000 to the broker and 80% sales associate split equaling $7200, this is already in gross income of $21,600 to you.

In month 3, you’re generating another customer of your own. They will be giving you a referral and the two new customers in month two will be giving you a referral, so this is now for new customers in month 3.

Four times $7200 is $28,800. You have a now generated $50,400 in gross income in the four months. I think you see where this is going. I will let you have fun figuring out months five through 12 on your own however I want to remind you this is with one customer generated by you and one referral per customer.

If you look in your contact list on your smart phone and realized how many people that you know, don’t you think that you could generate one customer per month?

You may have noticed I did not even split these up into sellers and listings versus buyers. Listings will bring you more buyers. Some of those buyers may even have a house to sell first.

Do the math and have fun.

I have now clearly demonstrated three ways to make a lot of money just by having a Real Estate license. What I know that you may not, is these three ways don’t even necessarily involve working full time at this. Imagine if you worked full time. Now you know why so many people are getting the Florida Real Estate license.

If you are reading this and you are ready to get your Florida Real Estate license or you know someone who is been thinking about getting into Florida Real Estate, you must contact us at the Climer School of Real Estate. We truly are the very best Real Estate school in the entire state of Florida.

You owe it to yourself to experience with thousands of students already know. Discover the ‘Climer School’ Difference for yourself! We have new classes starting every month and we have one for you.

Since 1984, The Climer School of Real Estate, Orlando’s Premier Real Estate School is The Best Real Estate School in Orlando with the Best Real Estate Instructors in Orlando. We have the best pre-license classes, the best post license classes, the best Spanish classes, and the best live streaming Real Estate classes in Florida. If you want to have the best chance of passing your Florida Real Estate Exam on your first try, then you need to attend classes at The Climer School. The Climer School of Real Estate is the Number One Real Estate School in Orlando. Call us at 407-822-3926 (EXAM) or stop by our website at . All thoughts and opinions in the blog are the thoughts and opinions of Andy Brown, the best Real Estate instructor in Orlando, Director of Education & Training.

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