Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Number One Violation For Sales Associates in Florida is not Self-Reporting Criminal Violations Within 30 Days

The Number One Violation in Florida

For Sales Associates

is not Self-Reporting Criminal Violations Within 30 Days

Never, Never, Never Say That “I Did Not Know”

If you have been convicted of a crime, found guilty, plead guilty, or plead nolo contendere, you must inform the Florida Real Estate Commission and the DBPR within 30 days. You should have learned this in your Real Estate class.

The DBPR regulates and licenses businesses and professionals in Florida
The Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation

During the legal agenda session, of Wednesday, January 17, 2019 Florida Real Estate Commission meeting, the Commission revoked several Real Estate licenses. All these instances involve doing very malicious and stupid actions towards the consumers.

I try to remind my students all the time that the only thing that the people and powers in charge of their industry are concerned about protecting the health safety and welfare of the consumers and the general public. And this definitely includes their money.

The seven members of Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC), the Florida DBPR, the DRE, and every attorney, judge, and court room in Florida do not care about licensees at all. Not one single bit.

The Division of Real Estate handles all things related to your Florida Real Estate license
Florida Division of Real Estate

They care about the consumers - 100%. Try not to forget that.

When you are applying for your Florida Real Estate license, you should also learn in your Real Estate class, that you must disclose on your background question section in your application if you have ever been convicted of a crime, found guilty, plead guilty, or plead nolo contendere to anything other than a very minor traffic violation.

Apparently, a lot of licensees are not learning in their Real Estate class that this responsibility to self-report does not go away once you have your Florida Real Estate license.

So much so that it is the Number One violation for Sales Associates and Broker Associates in the state of Florida. Then they stand before the Florida Real Estate Commissioners, very contrite and compliant, honestly admitting that they did not know.

This might be the worst thing you can say to the Commissioners on your behalf. It is my opinion that the Commissioners hate hearing this from licensed Real Estate agents in Florida.

"Why?" You might ask.

Because you are supposed to know. You are held to a higher standard. Not knowing something about your F.S. Ch 475 , 455, and 61-J2 Real Estate license law in your industry is not acceptable. Too many licensees are very cavalier and lackadaisical about their responsibilities and their requirement to know their own laws, rules, and regulations.

The other day, one of the best friends to the Florida Real Estate Industry and Community, Commissioner Richard Fryer, asked a licensees in front of him (who had already claimed apologetic ignorance ) some very simple questions:

“How do you do your continuing education?”

“In a classroom or with the book that is mailed to you?”

The licensee on the hot seat squirmed and responded nervously, “I use the book.”

Commissioner Fryer asked, “Do you read the book, or do you just do your 30 questions?”

There was nervous chuckling in the entire room because every single person knew to what Commissioner Fryer was referring.

The licensee responded, “Well honestly Commissioner, I just do what I need to get it done. The questions.”

It was January 17, 2019. Commissioner Fryer simply stated, ”This law has been in place since 2009.”

I am not a big fan of the Continuing Education credits that licensees can obtain by having the book mailed to them, answering the questions in the back, and mailing it back in. To me, this defeats the entire purpose of having Continuing Education.

I will publicly say that I wish the Florida Real Estate Commissioners would abolish this method and pathway of getting your mandatory 14 hours of Continuing Education every two years.

I am not on the Commission. Maybe I will be one day. This will be one of the first things I will bring up.

However, for now, if you come into the Climer School of Real Estate in our classroom Continuing Education, I guarantee you that you will be reminded of this simple legal requirement every single time.

Regardless of how you get your Continuing Education for your pre-or post license education, I wrote this article to remind all of you:

F.S. Ch 455 States very clearly that you absolutely, positively must notify the DBPR of being found guilty, pleading guilty, convicted of a crime, or pleading nolo contendere within 30 days.

If you do not, you are going to be in big trouble. And they are going to find out, I assure you of this.

If you’re interested, we have fantastic Continuing Education classes coming up all the time. And you’ll learn some powerful new and effective techniques to help your Sales and Marketing and build your Business.

Call us anytime at 407-822-3926, check out www.ClimerRealEstateSchool.com, or just online and talk. We love our students whom we love helping new people.

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