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The GAPE Principles from the 2019 DREI Summit

Lessons from the REEA DREI Summit

A Gathering of the Best Real Estate Instructors in America

The Real Estate Educators Association’s (REEA) Distinguished Real Estate Instructor (DREI) Designation Summit was this weekend in Asheville, North Carolina.

During the weekend of January 26th and 27th, Pam Matera and I were in Asheville, North Carolina for the 2019 DREI Summit. The DREI stands for Distinguished Real Estate Instructor. It is the highest designation of REEA or the Real Estate Educators Association, the only Professional Association for Real Estate Instructors who are serious about what they are doing and their responsibility to their students.

From the webpage, REEA is  "A society of Real Estate education stakeholders

REEA is a society of real estate education stakeholders (instructors, trainers, regulators, schools, authors, etc.) Our challenge is to continually give our members the latest tools and techniques for effective adult education. Our goal is to make sure REEA members meet and exceed the high standards demanded in real estate’s rapidly changing legal and professional environment."

Many of the Licensed Florida Real Estate Instructors at The Climer School of Real Estate are members of REEA and the others are considering. Andy Brown, Head Instructor, considered by many to be the best real estate instructor in Florida pursues continual improvement through REEA's programs and mentors constantly and vigorously. 

If you teach Real Estate, you need to join and support REEA.

This is no small deal. Currently there are only 54 active DREI’s in the entire country with 37 retired DREI’s and 3 Emeritus DREI’s. Considering that there are 1,321 licensed Real Estate Instructors in Florida alone, this fact should illustrate how significant this designation is.

Of the 63 attendees to the DREI Summit, 17 were DREI Candidates including myself, Andy Brown GSI and DREI Candidate. Only two of us were from Florida. Karen Climer GSI, daughter of The Climer School of Real Estate’s founder and namesake, Ron Climer (also a DREI Candidate) and me. 

Ron Climer is enjoying the good life in the mountains of North Carolina and owns the First Real Estate School in Hendersonville, NC> 

Andy Brown and Ron Climer at the REEA 2019 DREI Summit
Andy Brown and Ron Climer at the 2019 DREI Summit

Attendance at the annual Summit is but one of the mandatory requirements for achieving the DREI Designation.

The Summits and the Annual Conferences are organized, promoted, and managed by Kris Inman and her husband Rick Inman. They are amazing and not paid enough.

Andy Brown and Pam Matera of The Climer School of Real Estate with Kris and Rick Inman of REEA
Andy and Pam of The Climer School of Real Estate with Kris and Rick Inman of REEA

Earning the DREI designation is not an easy thing. It takes work and dedication and a desire to be a better instructor.

We were surrounded by some of the best and most experienced Real Estate Instructors in the world. Even the DREI Candidates are incredible Instructors, also among the best anywhere.

This weekend was special. Being in the presence of such outstanding examples of your craft was humbling, eye-opening, and empowering. I highly suggest to everyone, no matter what you do.

The weekend and much of the DREI focus and curriculum is on GAPE, or the Generally Accepted Principles of Education, which were developed by a man named Malcolm Knowles.

There are 5 Principles of GAPE:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Andragogy
  3. Speech
  4. Teaching Aids and,
  5. Learning Environment

We were treated to an hour and twenty minutes to an hour and a half presentation on each topic by a DREI.

The Speakers were masterfully introduced by Dana Rhodes DREI. Dana is a Real Estate Instructor with the Mingle School of Real Estate in Charlotte, NC.

Dana Rhodes DREI introduced the speakers at the 2019 DREI Summit
Dana Rhodes DREI

The Summit was deftly moderated by Corean Hamlin DREI. Corean is a member of the North Carolina Real Estate Commission (NCREC).

Corean Hamlin DREI North Carolina Real Estate Commissioner
That is Corean Hamlin DREI behind Dana Rhodes

Deborah Carpenter DREI began with a presentation on the Knowledge Principle of GAPE. Deborah is also currently a member of the North Carolina Real Estate Commission (NCREC).

Deb Carpenter DREI is a North Carolina Real Estate Commissioner
Deb Carpenter DREI spoke on Knowledge

"The category of Knowledge carries with it a dedication to the ethics of the teaching profession. The ethics of instruction require an instructor to constantly be updating course material and to be well enough informed to handle a variety of questions on the subject being taught. The execution of these principles requires diligence and a commitment to constantly grow and aspire to learn more."

Mark Barker DREI, GSI gave a masterful presentation on the Andragogy Principle of GAPE. Mark is the owner of Career Educations Systems, Inc in Kansas City, Missouri.

Mark Barker DREI, GSI owns  Career Education Systems
Mark Barker DREI GSI spoke on Andragogy

"It is the category of Andragogy which attempts to infuse Malcolm Knowles’ philosophies of adult education principles into teaching. The heart of these elements always centers around a showing of respect for the adult learner. It is the job of an excellent instructor, through a variety of teaching methods, to inspire and draw out the opinions of the students. This requires the instructor to treat each contribution in the classroom as valuable and important. Andragogy teaches us that our true value as an instructors is measured by what we bring out of our students."

Steve Robinson DREI, GSI gave a mesmerizing presentation on the Learning Environment Principle of GAPE. Steve is an Instructor for the Superior School of Real Estate in North Carolina.

Steve Robinson DREI, GSI teaches at The Superior School of Real Estate
Steve Robinson DREI, GSI spoke on the Learning Environment

"Understand that every second of every minute that you are in front of a classroom that opinions are being formed about you. Those opinions and impressions will impact the effectiveness and responsiveness to your message. Understanding that the educational experience is about much more than the words that you have to share is to come to understand the category of Learning Environment."

PeggyAnn McConnochie DREI gave a wonderful presentation on the Teaching Aids Principle of GAPE. PeggyAnne is a member of the Alaska Real Estate Commission (AREC).

PeggyAnn McConnochie DREI is a member of the Alaska Real Estate Commission
PeggyAnn McConnochie DREI spoke on Teaching Aids

“There can be infinite uses of the computer and of new age technology, but if the teachers themselves are not able to bring it into the classroom and make it work, then it fails.“ Nancy Kasselbaum, U.S. Senator

Bob Kutschbach DREI gave a great presentation on the Speech Principle of GAPE. Bob is an Instructor for Hondros College.

Robert Kutschback instructs for Hondros College
Bob Kutschback DREI spoke on Speech

"As you review the elements in the category of Speech you are probably thinking that of all the categories, this section carries the most common sense rules that everyone should know. Yet we would propose that these skills are some of the most difficult to master. They require a degree of ease and comfort in public speaking that simply does not come naturally. These skills must be honed over time by practice, repetition and experience. The ability to flow easily from topic to question to answer, and back to point sounds effortless when done correctly and appears as pure torture when it is not."

Len Elder DREI, GSI was there and was used as a physical and verbal example quite a bit. 

Len Elder DREI, GSI instructs at The Superior School of Real Estate
Len Elder DREI, GSI is one of the Best Real Estate Instructors in the country

I consider Len Elder DREI, GSI to be the best Real Estate Instructor in the entire country, a powerful mentor of mine, and a great friend.  Len is the Senior Instructor and Head of Curriculum Development for the Superior School of Real Estate in North Carolina.

If you ever have the opportunity to attend an Instructor Development Workshop (IDW) with Len Elder, you need to jump on it.

Len Elder DREI, GSI is one of the best real estate instructors in the country
Hilarious Len Elder, the unicorn presentation slide from Steve Robinson

The GSI designation stands for Gold Standard Instructor. This is another designation through REEA. Currently there are only 83 Gold Standard Instructors in the entire county.

There are only 4 DREI’s in Florida and only 3 GSI’s. There are no DREI, GSI Real Estate Instructors in Florida. I am hoping to be the first. This is my commitment to providing only the best to Climer School of Real Estate students.

Too many people have a Real Estate Instructors License because they think it's an easy way to make money or they are a Broker and they believe it is good for recruiting, or both. 

These are not the reasons to become a Licensed Real Estate Instructor. It is a calling and many students' lives and careers are in your hands.

The same holds true for the discount online stuff. It is not helping you.

Are you ready to get your Florida Real Estate License? You need a Real Estate Class. Find out what thousands of students already know. Discover the Climer School Difference for yourself.  407-822-3926 (EXAM).

The Climer School of Real Estate has the best real estate class in Florida
The Climer School of Real Estate is the Best Real Estate School in Florida

If you need to take a real estate class, then you want to take it with us. Since 1984, The Climer School of Real Estate has the best real estate class in Florida.
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